welcome to dark laboratorys


the lab of Phenoelit and (hacker) friends!


darklab.org is here & (mostly) up & running since year ~2000


...we backup/mirror the "Joint Routing Protocol" rfc/memo since year ~2002 here: jrp.txt 




links of friends:

Phonoelit - the Phenoelit sound division by mumpi of Phenoelit

nrrdbeatz - mixes by brain of darklab

PXE [Phenoelit eXchange Event] - ng Phenoelit security con in berlin after 10 times ph-neutral


next event in berlin:






we greet & support our friends from GERAFFEL (hackervillage) & c-base (raumstation unter berlin)

& credits and big thx2 archive.org ...for all "these years": darklab.org@archive.org




darklab.org is affiliated with

Phenoelit (hacking from germany since ~1998)